I want to create a moving banner just like this: http://share.bannersnack.com/FB8FFFBC5A8/bc561lfno

I need to make it in a GIF format. Which Adobe product do I need?

  • There's actually a couple products you can use... Personally I use Photoshop for gifs but that's just because I know it best. – Ashlee Palka Mar 28 '17 at 18:08

That is not an image alone.

That is a web page, using javascript to move and change separate elements. The clock in the middle is the only image, and it's independent of the other elements. Nothing there is actually a self-contained animated image.

enter image description here

That being posted, you could create an animated image which is similar.

Most would use Photoshop if they wanted this as a single animated gif. But really there are a ton of applications out there capable of making animated gif files. I believe After Effect and Premier from Adobe can also create animated gifs. Or you could use anything and export an image sequence then piece it together for animation using Photoshop.

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