Here's a part of my artwork, and I want to erase just the lines between the squares.

Here's a picture of what I want to do:

enter image description here

all the black lines marked with red lines have to be erased.

My question is if I can erase them by drawing a line above the black lines with some tool, like cutting the black lines between the squares and not the lines that are inside the squares?

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Select all the windows and paths....

Grab the Shape Builder Tool

Hold down the Option/Alt key

Drag across what you don't want.

This will have a tendency to make each of the 4 window panes separate shapes rather than one shape with two lines over it.

NOTE: You will want to ensure your dividing lines actually touch the edges of the window shapes. You've got a couple lines that don't fully extend to window edges.


You can achieve the same result even easier :) You need to use "Divide" tool of the "Pathfinder" panel. If you don't have this panel opened just go to "Main menu --> Window --> Pathfinder" to make it visible.

Here's a short screencast to show this tool in action: http://quick.as/6aV5sP65B

Hope you'll find it helpful :) Have a nice day!

  • As @Metis suggested below, you can alternatively use a Shape Builder tool. Here's another short screencast: quick.as/d4oYul0Gj. The difference between these 2 methods is that you get a difference structure though the result will be looking the same. After using the Divide tool you'll make each window of the building containing 4 squares. If you'll use the Shaper Builder tool each window will contain an initial square and 2 lines as separators. Feel free to decide what's better for you :)
    – Nekto
    Apr 6, 2017 at 15:17

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