I have an image of a logo and want to find out which font family is used using an Adobe program or any other program, is that possible?


In a newer update of Photoshop they added this function!

  1. Open the file in Photoshop CC.
  2. Drag a marquee around the font you want to identify.
  3. Go to the top and select type > match font.

Although you can do this within newer versions of Photoshop, as stated in the other answer, I would suggest that you use a site like WhatTheFont! instead.

I find the Photoshop Match Font to be pretty limited, whereas WhatTheFont is more powerful and has yielded better results (for me).

We also have a pretty comprehensive list of font-ID sources in the tag wiki, click here for more info

My advice, if you use WhatTheFont:

  • Save just the text portion of the logo you want to identify as a PNG
  • Black text on a white background is ideal

enter image description here

More tips from WhatTheFont

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