In the below example, a Tag has font Didot and size 48, the below tags have the same font but size 24.

enter image description here

In Sketch 3 (Version 43.1), can I somehow change the font for both elements (or all text elements) but keep the font size of the elements at once?

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This is possible by selecting multiple elements at once and then selecting the new font from the typeface button on the right-hand side bar, just as you would if you were changing the font of a single element.

To select multiple elements at once, hold own shift and click on each element once, either on the canvas or on the layers side bar.

The elements will keep their original font size.

  • Fine, but then to try out what different fonts look like on the whole design, I every time first need to select all text elements?
    – TMOTTM
    Apr 9, 2017 at 20:59

I use a plugin called Fontily that finds & replaces all instances of a particular font.

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