I'm not sure where to look for these resources, but I'm trying to create an Art Nouveau style logo. What I would like to do is have the actual text be shape similar to what is in Carl Jungs redbook. any suggestions on how to create this effect?

enter image description here


There is nothing automated within Illustrator to create such an effect.

You would need to plan then draw things manually.

I would probably draw it all by hand on paper, then scan and use the scan as a tracing template within Illustrator.


As Scott said, that is very much a custom piece you're referencing. You aren't going to find a good solution in AI.

On the other hand, if you don't have the luxury of investing a lot of time in this and you're willing to compromise on the perfection of it, you can just fill the type with a pattern. Even a custom pattern would take less time than drawing this by hand. And then, of course, when edits come in you won't have heartburn over it ;)


Ummmmm you could free hand this but if you're a computer artist and not a hand artist then all you would have to do is create your very detailed artwork, set a typeface over it, select the type, Object -> Expand, and then Object -> Clipping Mask -> Make.

You will have you detailed artwork cutout in the shape of the type you've overlaid on top of it. There's nothing impossible about it.

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