One symbol consisting of two text layers in Sketch, one text layer above the other.

If the top text layer has long text and goes onto multiple lines, can the bottom text layer move down somehow without overlapping? Ideally, the original gap between the two text layers should remain the same.

I've made an animated gif that illustrates the problem. If the text in the top layer is edited it would be great if Sketch were able to push the text below down

This illustrates the problem - ideally the "text layer two" should move down automatically.

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    Hello @JPPP, welcome to GDSE. As we're designers, we tend to be very visual people. Could you maybe add some visuals to your question to clarify it? You can do that by clicking edit below your question. Right now I can't really tell what your problem is and what you're trying to achieve. Thanks! – PieBie Apr 27 '17 at 13:38

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