I have a desktop application which is basically a reader for different Hebrew texts. I know that in general some fonts are harder to read on a screen than others (both in English and Hebrew).

What Hebrew fonts (or font styles) are best for readability, so a user can read these texts easily for a long time?

  • I find Block sans-serif clear and easy for your brain to parse. It is described here, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hebrew_alphabet, in the section Stylistic variants. Note: I can't read Hebrew, I'm just busy first learning the alphabet, and that font style seems ideal for my purposes. It is very neat and clear.
    – ProfK
    Nov 7, 2017 at 3:09

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I found when printing a book for a biblical scholar there are Hebrew fonts for Hebrew text and we had to use a TrueType font named SBL Hebrew:

enter image description here

It worked well in both digital and printed formats. If you'd like to test the font out here's the font download.


I recently came across this font, which seems to be visually pleasing to the eye. Note that I've only tried it in digital formats.

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