I have a path created via merging a lot of smaller paths and for whatever reason this time around, it's absolutely filled with stray points and lines. I've run path > clean up and received the "no clean up necessary" message, and select > stray points doesn't select anything. Here's what I'm dealing with: thousands of selected lines inside of a shape Any way I can get rid of these without individually selecting them all? They seem to be permanently attached to my path.

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Select the art and try hitting the Unite button on the Pathfinder Panel. (Window > Pathfinder)

Pathfinder operations:
In Pathfinder window, what is the difference between a shape mode and a pathfinder?

You may also be able to select just the outer path via the Direct Selection Tool (white arrow) and lock it (Object > Lock). Then you can click-drag with the Direct selection Tool to select the inner paths and hit Delete without mistakenly removing the large outer path. Then unlock the outer path (Object > Unlock All).

In addition, if they are truly empty paths, as in no fill no stroke, you may be able to select one... then choose Select > Same > Fill & Stroke to select them all, then just hit the Delete key.

You could use the Layers Panel to target the entire layer (or group), if appropriate, then shift-click the outer path in the Panel to deselect that and then hit Delete to remove the inner paths.

  • Unite hasn't been affecting it, but locking the outline worked great, thanks so much!
    – Katie
    Commented May 1, 2017 at 17:04

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