I am using gnuplot. I would like to compare across different settings of the same type of data in a color plot using something like the following:

plot 'pdratio' using 1:2:(abs($1)>0.3?$4:1/0) with p ps 0.75 pt 4 palette

Gnuplot automatically chooses the data range for the palette to map out color, which can be different from case to case. Is there a way to ask gnuplot to map out colors for the same data range consistently across different cases?

Something like set palette maxcolor 100 would not be adequate for my purposes.

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    – bsmile
    May 4 '17 at 18:47

Try using cbrange

The set cbrange command sets the range of values which are colored using the current palette docs_4.2

set cbrange [min:max] 

An example of its use can be found on SO

set palette defined (-1 "red", 0 "white", 1 "blue)
ub = 1
lb = -ub
set cbrange [lb:ub]
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