I have a single layer with many objects on it. I would like to get each one of them in a separate layer (in order to run a Processing sketch on them afterwords), how can I achieve it?

From this question I see that in Illustrator there is "Release to layer" function, but apparently there is not something like this in Inkscape. Maybe a Python script is the solution. I don't know how to implement it though.


It's fairly easy... using this extension: inx-toolsanim

Here I have one layer with a few objects (for example):

Objects in Inkscape

  • Go to Extensions > Animation > AnimTools

  • In the Groups tab, choose 'Wrap each selected object in group':

AmimTools: Groups

Which does as it says:

Objects to groups

  • Back in the AnimTools panel, now under the Layers tab choose 'Convert each selected group to layer':

AnimTools panel: Layers

Which gives you as you wish; objects each on their own layer now:

Groups to layers

Hope this helps...

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  • At the end I found the solution directly in Processing, but this is definitely an answer:) – Alberto89 Aug 24 '17 at 13:04

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