I am on a deadline to print a booklet for our church choir and am having trouble with the layout. I have 12 pages, and am using the print booklet feature, but I need to print this from our printer here in the office, and it is not working to print double-sided. It's flipping the page upside down from the other side and not lining up. So my question is, how do I layout an indesign doc for 2-up saddle stitch so that I can print double sided and put the pages on top of each other to where they line up? Where am I missing something?

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Whatever your duplex setting is, it may need to be the changed. I have had this same problem and this article helped.

From the article:

My Canon printer has long side left or right and short side top or bottom staple choices on the duplex settings. I switched from a long side to a short side setting and it worked. I am going to have to study the meaning behind that terminology because it does not make intuitive sense to me.

  • Thanks, I figured it out, I had the setting set to bind on long edge instead of short edge of paper
    – user93579
    Commented May 4, 2017 at 17:09

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