The above is the wanted effect, Please help me out!

  • Things you need to know to do this: 1. How to make image black and white 2. How to make polygonal selections and perhaps how to invert selection 3. How to scale layers 4. How to rotate layers
    – Joonas
    May 5, 2017 at 7:18
  • ...and how to scale layers. Basically learn about layers :) May 5, 2017 at 7:38

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Right click the image layer in the layers panel, and choose Duplicate Layer or use CTRL+J (Windows) or Command+J (Mac). Make the new layer Black and White by clicking Image > Adjustments > Black and White. You might also wish to decrease the Brightness/Contrast a little - it's in the same Adjustments section of the menu.

Make polygonal selections of the black and white image with the Polygonal Lasso tool, then Copy and Paste these selections as new layers. Hide the black and white layer by clicking the eye icon in the layers panel.

Next, rescale the various polygonal shapes just a little by using CTRL+T to transform them. Use Command+T if you are using Mac.

Screenshot showing layers


you can also do it like this...

  1. Open your image or use existing psd comp.
  2. Duplicate your layer that you wish to apply this polygon shatter effect to
  3. On the duplicated layer, apply the black and white effect you desire using either of these methods... 3.1 top menu > image > adjustments > black and white 3.2 top menu > image > adjustments > hue and saturation (take saturation right down to kill the color then adjust the levels to enhance the light and darks 3.3. top menu > image > adjustments > gradient map (set the gradient colors to be black and white)
  4. Now you have a duplicated Layer 1 copy layer with the black and white style you desire... enter image description here
  5. Still on Layer 1 copy go to top menu > layer > vector mask > hide all... enter image description here
  6. Now select the Pen Tool from the tools menu enter image description here
  7. And click the Pen Tool on the vector mask to create points, which you can then begin to draw polygon or triangle shapes...enter image description here
  8. Now hit command (or ctrl) + T or go top menu > edit > free transform enter image description here
  9. Now you can move or drag Layer 1 copy around and also subtly increase or decrease the size by dragging the corners whilst holding shift key then hitting enter to finish enter image description here
  10. And then duplicate this layer (right click on layer), and delete the layer mask by right clicking on the mask

    enter image description here

  11. Then repeat the process from Step 5

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