I've found some strange behave and I am not sure if this is my lack of knowledge or the application behavior.

I want to modify selection of bezier paths, although after I began using the sculpting tool, targeted paths are automatically joining the ends with another segment. I took a screenshot to illustrate this.

enter image description here

I tried simplified the paths, but it didn't change the result. Whats it about? The sculpting modification works, but its giving me this strange behavior in addition.


I haven't used that feature much myself, however it seems to convert open paths to closed paths - in fact it only seems to work properly with closed paths.

I tested this as follows.

  1. I made a simple path, duplicated it and applied an interpolation of 20 steps.

  2. I attempted to use the Tweak tool, but it turns the paths it touches into closed paths.

  3. I then converted the paths to closed shapes using Path > Stroke to path. And now the tool works, but it creates literally thousands of nodes, and slows Inkscape down.

See my attempts here

Screenshot of using the Tweak Tool

Here's a close up of those thousands of nodes it creates. So, I'd use it with caution - especially when using it with so many curved shapes.

Close up of nodes

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