I tried to copy and paste forward each one of the hexagon strokes with a gradient, but that didn't work.

enter image description here

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There are a few ways to create the gradient effect, but this is how I would do it...

Create the hexagon shape out of 6 triangles:

enter image description here

Then apply different gradients to each triangle:

enter image description here

Finally mask parts of the triangle gradients with hexagons (solid for the middle, strokes for the others):

enter image description here

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    the individual hexagons also seem to have some embossing - intentional or as a result of unsharpness.
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This will give you a flat color version:

  • Create one hexagon
  • Ctrl+C copies it to clipboard
  • Ctrl+F duplicates the shape (aka. Paste in Place)
  • scale up either one of these 2 hexagons until it looks right
  • Ctrl+A selects both shapes
  • Go to 'Object → Blend → Blend Options' and choose 10 Specified Steps (or as many as you want in between)
  • Ctrl+Alt+B makes the blend
  • then play with the Stroke Weight and/or adjust each of the hexagons' size

enter image description here

If you're looking for actual gradients to be applied for each of the 6 resulting 'sections':

  • Ctrl+A selects all
  • Go to 'Object → Expand → OK'
  • Go to 'Object → Path → Outline Stroke'
  • Reduce the shape to a single triangle, duplicate, rotate, reposition.

enter image description here


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