Since I am a beginner, I don’t have much knowledge of designing tools. I am trying to resize the image using GIMP but it gets blurred. Please tell me how to get clear image after resize?


As image is an Rasterized based element, every image formed up with no.of pixels together. So when you enlarge a small image, automatically the pixel will expand and shows like blurred. That's reason where "Resultion" point comes, more resolution = more pixel in an inch = clarity stays long while expand.

That's why Vector objects won't show blurness....due to it's formed with line based drawings.

So your image will blur, if you scale it.


You cannot enlarge an image without blurring. A big sharp image contains a lot more data than a small image of similar sharpness. When you enlarge the image, you are not adding any detail/data in it. Big image, little data => blur.


This is going unnoticed but I have a feeling that the SCALE DOWN command is blurring a lot more than it should. This wasn't the default behaviour of GIMP in older versions. So there is definitely a problem with this software. We all know that scaling an image renders its properties lost but this isn't the case here. There is something wrong with GIMP 2.10 series.

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