could someone tell me how I would make a photo standout or popout in front of a background, I have corel x3 and adobe photoshop 5.0

Thank you in advance

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This is a quess: You need a "Drop Shadow".

It creates the illusion which you probably want. An object or image seems to hover over the background.

An example in Photoshop:

enter image description here

Here a black, but blurred rectangle is added as a layer (=Shadow) between the flying object and the background.

That rectangle was actually a copy of the flying object, but turned to black with the levels control, shifted a little aside with the arrow tool and finally the opacity of the layer was reduced to make the shadow a little lighter.

The flying object has got a little contrast boost to make it different than the background.

Drop shadow is available in many programs as effect - no messing with blurring and extra layers. In Photoshop it's available as a layer style (= add the drop shadow to a layer).

Important: Several objects appear to have different hovering altitudes if they have different drop shadows. The apparent distance depends also on

  • contrast
  • color saturation
  • zooming (if there's something to compare)

There's surely at least a hundred tutorials available. Search for Drop Shadow!

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