Is it possible to make a dotted line in Sketch? And by line I mean the border of an object (e.g. oval).

Using dashes the dots are not perfectly round:

Example for imperfect dot

Even though I reduced the length to the absolute minimum:

Dash Settings


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Update: just noticed the comment to the OP from @Jeremy Magid above, so I'll summarize for posterity:

You don't need the file I've provided in my answer below, (though you might find it convenient), instead:

  • create a (longish) line
  • set rounded ends, then set the thickness, dash, and gap to the desired values, but multiplied by 100. eg. Want: 5, 0.1, 10? Set: 500, 10, 1000
  • Edit > Scale the line down to 1%
  • move the line's anchors to suit, or copy/paste the style

Ref: http://deanhuds.tumblr.com/post/144915763551/perfect-dotted-line-in-sketch-20

'Point value dashes' were once supported, and you still can copy / paste the legacy styles from a document created in an older version of Sketch!

In recent versions of Sketch you can Copy Style from the dotted lines in the sketch file I've provided below, then Paste Style onto a line in your own document.

The lines in the document have a dash value of .1, and varying gaps. Colours, path and line thickness remain editable, but unfortunately, any edits to the 'dash' or 'gap' values cause the dash value to snap back to 1. To this end, I've supplied a range of gaps :)

I found that values from .2 to .9 were not discernibly different from .1, which may have contributed to the feature being pulled.

preview of dotted-line-copy-style-sketch-3.3.3

Download dotted-line-copy-style-sketch-3.3.3.

This workaround is working for me in Sketch 43.2.

dash settings in sketch 43.2

If you need a particular style that I haven't provided, you can download Sketch 3.3.3 from https://www.sketchapp.com/updates/. The article linked above indicates that 'point value dashes' ceased to be available in v3.4.

Credits for the concept to:


According to these tips and Sketch's Twitter you're taking the right approach.

I'm sure I've accomplished this in the past though perhaps for my purposes I didn't have your same attention to detail, that's clearly not a circle though so I can see your frustration!

Failing the way it's supposed to work, a work around could be to make a pattern - not the best solution but an alternative until you figure out the issue.

  • the first link is dead, the tweet talks about a feature that I can't find in Sketch 50.2
    – Luciano
    Jun 8, 2018 at 9:54

From my prior experiences; the best and less painful way to achieve what you want is to make it by hand. Draw the base rectangle then Arrange > Make grid > 1 row, and X column. If you want to draw a circular one then you'll need to use another workaround which I don't know yet to achieve perfect workflow.

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