I need to add pages in the middle of the artworks, in different places, and would rather not have to move evrything.. Is that possible? and deleting too? Thanks everyone.


Yes there is. What you do is you delete or add you artboards normally. Then rearange the artboards in artboards panel so that they are in the order you like the way they ought to be. Now the pages are in that order.

You might want to have the bards arranged nicely too. If so then run:

  • Object → Arboards → Rearrange....

It's not 100% clear what you mean, but if you select the "Artboard" tool (Shift-O) you can create new artboards and move around or resize existing artboards.

To create a new artboard in the middle of an existing artboard (rather than moving it, which is what happens when you click and drag starting on an artboard), press "shift" before you start the click and drag.

"Shift" will also constrain the proportions of the new artboard you create. So just release the "shift" key after you click and start dragging to get an artboard of any arbitrary proportions.

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