Say, I have two triangles like at this picture:

enter image description here

Using Sketch. I want to cut off the upper part of the red triangle, the one above the black triangle. I can manually create a couple of sub-paths in the red triangle, cut them off and then close path again. But I definitely want to learn the better way, since it's not always about such simple shapes.

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I'd do this: 1. duplicate the upper shape and hide it;

  1. select the original shapes and use "Subtract" to subtract the top shape from the bottom one.

  2. Hit "Flatten", so the new shape breaks up into several smaller shapes in a group.

  3. select the unnecessary shapes in the new flattened group and hit delete

  4. enable the duplicated shape from step 1.


Check out the short video I made with the process: Process GIF

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