I am finishing graphics for my settlement plan and I am having some issues with shadows. Basicly all I wanna do is just move objects about 4 meters in 45° angle. Is there a way to make a "step" free blend and expand to one shape so I can manipulate appearance easier or any way to make simple shape?

I made 250 step blend to make shadowsis there a fast way to make shape like this?

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You could expand the blend (Object > Expand Apperance...), ungroup it and then unite all shapes in it into a single shape using the Pathfinder palette. If you then give that shape a gradient fill, you should have your effect.


ObjectBlendExpand will turn all the intermediary blends into normal paths. From there, as @Vincent suggests, you can use the Pathfinder palette (WindowPathfinder) to Unite or Merge them as you might like.

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