I'm finding it difficult to resize a path that has text.

I don't want to have smaller font size but bigger "container" so that current or bigger font would fit into.

Following has text "My text just...": enter image description here

How could I expand that "container" or resize the path or whatever is suitable in this case to fit the text? That small red plus sign does nothing.

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You have essentially 4 options...

  1. Reduce the size of the text
  2. Change to a visually narrower typeface.
  3. Change the options on the Character Panel to "squish" the type horizontally (bad choice) by reducing the horizontal scale.
  4. Use the Direct Selection Tool (white arrow) to lengthen the path - click one end anchor point and drag it outward. Or hold down the Option/Alt key and click the path (so only the path is highlighted) then you can use the Bounding Box or Free Transform Tool to drag a handle and widen just the path. However, if you lengthen the path the degree of the arc is going to change. So you'll also need to adjust that after lengthening.

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