enter image description hereI need to learn how to remove these blue lines without changing anything else.

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    If you'd ask me, it'd be way faster to recreate the pattern from scratch in Illustrator that it'd be to try and edit out the raster in a photo editing program.
    – Vincent
    Jun 4, 2017 at 0:03

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Too much work to remove the line pattern. Make a new yourself.

It seems to be a big piece of chipwood with half transparent white overlay pattern. That pattern is easy to do in Illustrator (measurements only approximate)

enter image description here

  • have a triangle, say 6 degrees angle in the sharpest corner, one long side is horizontal, grey fill, no stroke
  • rotate the triangle 0,5 degrees
  • rotate the triangle making 11 more copies in 7,5 degrees steps
  • align all 12 triangles down & left to get the sharp corners to the same point
  • copy twice with reflect to have a fan that covers full 360 degrees
  • scale horizontally to smaller size to have elliptical pattern
  • change the fill color to white
  • add a clipping mask to have rectangular shape
  • copy to photoshop to insert it over a photo of chipwood

I hadn't a good photo, so I used a flat color fill.

Photoshop is in theory not necessary at all for this job, but coloring is there easier.

Addendum: If you want to stay in Photoshop and want something fast, then:

  • select all
  • goto Filter > Blur > Radial Blur > Zoom, good quality, radius=60px
  • fix (=clone) the middle area manually, if needed.
  • add some grainy texture, if needed

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