I just filled an image with a pattern:

Image filled with pattern

Ain't there a simple way to change the scale and the threshold of the pattern so that the squares fit the edges of the house better?

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I would use layer masks instead of filling a shape or selection with a pattern directly. Keeping everything as separate layers will give you the freedom to rescale/reposition different elements.

  1. Create a house shape, and use a layer mask to knock out the middle to transparency. I used the Pen Tool to create the inside mask. (hint: Path to Selection, Add Layer Mask, from Selection)

  2. Next place your image or a filled pattern layer on a layer below. Resize using the Scale Tool (Shift+T), and move into position with the Move Tool

  3. Once you are happy with the positioning/rescaling. Right click the layer mask on the house image, and choose Mask to Selection, and then Select > Invert

  4. Right click the pattern layer and choose Add Layer Mask, then choose the From selection option.

Here's a screenshot to help enter image description here

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