Can someone please help me identify this font? I know it's not Meiryo...but it's something similar...I've checked most of the Japanese font websites but still found nothing...

enter image description here


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They are certainly nothing standard like Meiryo, they are what Japanese font makers designate as デサインフォント, or Design Fonts. The fonts in the image are all made by DynaComware. The Image is made by combining 2 typefaces, one of them in two styles. The first part, キュアミラクル, was made with the ロマン鳳 (roman ōtori) family, specifically using the font DFロマン鳳B Std W7, substituting the ミ with DFロマン鳳A Std W7. They were most probably tweaked to look bolder and the final ル de-squared. Here are the font samplers from the site:

DFロマン鳳B Std W7 DynaFonts Roman Ootori Font Sample

DFロマン鳳A Std W7 DynaFonts Roman Ootori FontSample

The second part, 朝日奈みらい, was made with the typeface ロマン雪 (Roman Yuki), specifically DFロマン雪B Std W9. It seems it was used as-is. Here comes the sample:

DFロマン雪B Std W9 DynaFonts Roman Yuki Font Sample

And that's it! Colors, gradients, outlines and drop shadows were most surely made post-type in Illustrator or something like that. :P すてきないちにちを !

BTW, DynaComware makes some interesting fonts, check them out.

EDIT: After checking again the glyphs, for the first part, I think they only used Roman Yuki, combining some Katakanas from both the A and B versions of the font.

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