Sorry if it's too basic, I have some work that where made in Illustrator using the line tool, so it's made of lines with a stroke of 3pt .

Then, I have to print it on large size (vinyl decal) , and I am trying to make sure the line would appear the way I want it .

When I scale my work (by cmd+drag) the lines appears smaller and the work looks bad.

How can I get the result according to what I see in illustrator ? (So the relation between lines distance and their width will look as it looks on my screen)

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On the Transform Panel (Window > Transform) before scaling, Choose the Show Options item from the Panel menu....

enter image description here

Then tick the Scale Strokes & Effects option.

enter image description here

This can also be accessed by clicking the Shape: item on the Control Bar

enter image description here

And it is also located in Preferences > General

enter image description here

Ticking this option, in any of these locations, will scale the weights of strokes along with other artwork. Without it ticked, when you scale, the strokes will remain at 3pts.

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