I have been having a lot of fun with Flaticon's pattern maker, but it only lets you use their icons. I would love to use a similar tool to use my own icons and designs.

I realise there are lots of ways to achieve a seamless pattern, but the above mentioned tool is so effortless. I can't imagine there aren't any similar tools, plugins or software out there, but I can't find any.

So my question is, are there any easy seamless pattern making tools out there?


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Illustrator's pattern editor is (assuming you're familiar with Illustrator) easy to work with and offers a lot more control...

It's as simple as placing the icons (or whatever) you want to use on the artboard, then selecting them and going to Object → Pattern → Make. That will create a pattern swatch and open up the pattern editor with that pattern.

You can edit the artwork exactly as you would outside of the pattern editor; change colors, transform etc. You can add or remove more artwork without leaving the editor with no problem too. The editor also gives you a lot more control over tile size and alignment:

enter image description here

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