I am working on a three page spread in InDesign that will be viewed online as a PDF. I can make the spread appear correctly when the PDF is opened (all three pages next to each other), but how do I set it up so that if someone wants to print it, each page will print on its own sheet? So far I can only get them to print all together on one page, or I have to really mess with the print settings each time which is obviously less than ideal for customers.

Thanks in advance!


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Export 2 PDFs, one for print in single pages, one for the web as spreads.


There is no way to do this. It is only possible to display two separate pages next to each other, not more. The only possible way — but you are already doing this — is to export as a sheet, and then you have the mess with printing. You could change to two pages or like Lucian said provide two different PDFs. Another way would be a PDF with 4 Pages, the first one is a sheet with all Pages next to each other and 3 single pages for printing.

But none of these solutions is ideal.

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