I have 14 display ad PSD files. Each file has approximately 15 design solutions (layers), divided into 3 style types. Each of these layers needs to be saved out 5 times for different language versions.

language 2

language 1

I need a quick way to batch save out the layers (but only specific layers) not all. Currently I go through this process: 1. Turn on the layers I need (depending on language and style) 2. shift-alt-cmd to save for web 3. Save file e.g. Occasion_300_250_inline_rectangle_A_FR.jpg I change the file name from A to B, B to C etc.. 4. Repeat.

  • Have you tried to use layer comps? It simplifies the layer selection process at least
    – curious
    Aug 31, 2019 at 8:10

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I would use Data merge Option in Photoshop. I understand that you already did the job of creating extra layers but for the speed sake it would be faster to put the names in the separate file.

I think you can set existing layers as data sets and then use batch to export them.

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