How do you set up a brush that has a falloff like the brush stroke on the left?:

enter image description here

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    The tablet or drawing monitor you are using is important as far as stroke falloff goes.
    – johnp
    Jul 5, 2017 at 21:26

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There are a few factors that have an influence on the falloff of your brush stroke:

  • The pressure curve in your tablet preferences
  • Your chosen Shape Dynamics settings in Photoshop for your selected brush
  • If you're unlucky, it may be that your tablet and/or tablet-driver has an issue with poor brush size falloff, even when all settings are correct. In this case you should report the bug to your tablet manufacturer.

• Step 1 •

Before adjusting your photoshop brush settings, have a look at your graphics tablet preferences and see if you can adjust the Pressure Curve. Unfortunately, not all tablets will have this option.

The pressure-curve allows you to tweak how much applied pressure is needed to render thick/thin strokes with your stylus. For each adjustment you should be able to test the resulting changes to how pressure interacts with the thickness of the brushstroke.

enter image description here

• Step 2 •

In your brush settings dialog, make sure that Shape Dynamics is ticked with "pen pressure" selected for Brush-control.

In your Size Dynamics dialog, you'll see that there is a Minimum Diameter slider. Unless this slider is set to 0, the smallest brush size that your stylus will output will depend on this setting, regardless of other settings.

enter image description here


This has to do with the pressure setting of your tablet. If you aren't using a tablet some brushes are made to taper but they will be set like it and so you won't have any control.

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