Is there a way to make tapered lines in Sketch? I attached the way I do it in Illustrator as an example below.

Tapered line in Illustrator

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I don't use Sketch, but it does have a Vector Tool for making Bezier curves somewhat similar to the Pen Tool in Illustrator.

To make a tapering line in Illustrator without using a stroke style/profile it's easy enough to make by simply using the Pen Tool, so the same should be possible in Sketch and virtually any vector image editor with a similar tool.

Remember to set the stroke to none, and the fill to black.

Here's an example made in Illustrator enter image description here enter image description here

There's a tutorial on youtube showing how to use the Vector Tool in Sketch here

  • Exactly. You need to look at it as if it were a shape, not a line.
    – Summer
    Aug 8, 2017 at 13:32

The simplest way to create a tapered line in sketch is probably by creating an Oval with small height

tapered line sketch.

If you want a "proper" tapered line or one that is not straight you are unfortunately left to do it yourself using the Vector Tool as has already been pointed out.

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