Ok, I have over 100 layers in the AI file Im trying to animate in AE and I have a problem. If Im looking for the layer named "head" for example, I have no way to find it except scrolling through all layers. This is inefficient.

Is there any way (without a script) to quickly find & select an AE layer? I have the command F search bar, but searching there does no good:

enter image description here

Is there a way to do this?


The search bar on top of the layers in the timeline doesn't search just layer names... It's useful for searching for specific properties (such as "color" or "path"), or just about anything else under a layer (comments for example) but it does search based on layer name too.

enter image description here

It's worth noting that the search only affects selected layers; so if you want to search through all layers, either select all or make sure no layers are selected (this trips me up occasionally, where search isn't working and it turns out I've got a single layer selected).

You can read more in the Adobe help:

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