I have converted a .gif to transparent gif using gimnp 2. I export as .png. When I Insert Picture into a MS Publisher .pub trifold. I send it Backward and I see the text over the pic.

All is okay except the png has a few 'floating' dark pixels near the object in the pic (a church). How do I get rid of those individuals 'noise' pixels?

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    You can't just erase them in GIMP? – Scott Jul 14 '17 at 16:53

Try this:

  • Layer>Transparency>Alpha to selection to select the non-transparent pixels
  • Select>Sharpen
  • Select>Shrink by one or 2 pixels: selection will disappear on the random pixels
  • Select>Grow by one more pixel than in the step above: you get back the original selection (slightly bigger) but without the stray pixels
  • Select>Invert and Edit>Clear

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