According to Material Design guidelines for Icons


Scored material elements have the illusion of depth without losing their geometric form. Scores should be centered on symmetrical shapes.

It looks like this: score Material Design

How can I make a score like this in Photoshop?

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Draw a rectangle, filled with grey, over the area to be dark. Set the blend mode to Multiply.

enter image description here

Add a slight Outer Glow layer style to the rectangle to create the white highlight at the edge.

enter image description here

Then under the Blending Options tick the item titled Layer Mask Hides Effects

enter image description here

Command/Ctrl click the outer shape of the desired object to create a selection, then click the New Mask button at the bottom of the Layers Panel to add a Layer Mask to the rectangle.

enter image description here

Reduce the Opacity of the rectangle layer to your liking.

enter image description here

This is just one method. There are others.

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