I need to crop this .jpeg image: enter image description here

in Photoshop CS2 to a vertical 1px image so I can repeatedly render it horizontally to create the full gradients that are dynamically sized.

Do you know how I could do this?


Use the Single column marquee tool found under (by default) the regular Rectangular marquee tool in the toolbar to select 1 px wide and "image height" high area. [1]

Then choose ImageCrop

[1]: Single row marguee tool works in a similar fashion. It selects an area that is 1 px high and "image width" wide.

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Go to Image -> Canvas Size..., change the units to pixels, and change the width to 1 px. Photoshop will yell at you about the new dimensions being smaller than the original; click the "Yes" button.


Zoom to the maximum, such as 3200%, and it will show you the 1 pixel of the image. Then crop it from anywhere you want.

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