I am having trouble with InDesign (v.CS6) text boxes always defaulting to 5 columns. I changed Margins and Columns one column, but this doesn't work. And when I manually change a box to 1 column and add to the library, when I use the library item it goes back to 5 columns. Help! Thanks!! Liz

  • Do your text boxes have an object style applied to them? If so, the five columns are likely set in the style; adding the frame to your library presumably just removes manual overrides from the version stored in the library. – Janus Bahs Jacquet Jul 19 '17 at 23:04

In InDesign with no file open, choose Object > Text Frame Options... and set it to what you want.

By doing this with no file open you essentially set the preference for new text frames.

FYI Margins & Columns is for page guide columns and does not alter text frames. If your page has 5 columns and you always want just one, then you'd change Margins & Columns with no file open.

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