I'm trying to make a label for a conical shape. Just imagine a starbucks cup with a promotional adhesive all around. To do so, I need to make the technical drawing of this cup.

The top diameter is 8cm, bottom diameter is 5,1cm and height is 10,5cm. I know that my top arc length is 25,136cm and the bottom 16,024cm.

And I also know the diameter of the two circles for construction purposes, which are 58,1501cm and 37,07cm.

In the end, I just need a way to make a precise cut on the two circles to get the legnth I need.

I know that I should be doing this on CAD, but isn't there any way to do this in illustrator?

this is the shape desired, but it isn't technical

both arches that I know the length but have to cut precisely



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Draw your second image, without the arrows.

Select all

Click the Divide button on the Pathfinder Panel.

Delete what you don't need

enter image description here

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