I have been watching a Lynda.com course on Illustrator CC 2015 by Justin Seeley, https://www.lynda.com/Illustrator-tutorials/Illustrator-CC-Essential-Training-2015/370378-2.html In Chapter 5 > "Modifying existing shapes and paths", he discusses using the Pen Tool to bend lines.

Basically, he draws a shape (say a rectangle), chooses the Pen Tool, hovers over a segment, holds down the Option/Alt Key, then clicks and drags the segment which causes it to bend. However, when I try, Illustrator only creates flat direction handles, not a bend. Can anyone figure out this discrepancy?

Yes, I'm using CC 2015, too. Thank you.

Edit: screen cap below

enter image description here


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It turns out to be a simple fix: Toggle off "Constrain Path Dragging on Segment Reshape" in Preferences > Selection and Anchor Display. Honestly I don't know why that option is there. Had me stumped after hours of troubleshooting...but resolved now.

enter image description here

Correct behavior:

enter image description here


This should work, so I'm not sure what you are doing wrong.

All I can say is make sure it's a vector shape, either one you created with the pen or one created using one of the shape tools.

Hover over the segment, hold down Alt (or Option on Mac), then the cursor turns into a little curve icon, click and drag to move it.

Animation of bending a line segment

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