I'm looking for a book on Inkscape. This may be a subjective question but I'm looking for a book that ideally complies with this criteria:

  • For the more advanced user. I don't mind if it has some basic stuff but I already know how to draw a star and rectangle ;)
  • Explaining design concepts and theoretical background is okay or would actually be good.
  • Some Inkscape "programming" would be great! To see how a vector graphic program works (basically, the math behind it) would be nice.
  • Ideally it shows the full potential of Inkscape and its tools. I don't want a full guide with examples for each and every option but an overview and what-else there is and possibly a brief introduction on how to use it would be nice.
  • Ideally written by someone of the community and/or a open source supporter.

To summarize I would like a book to learn something new from and not a step to step guide to be followed on the computer screen. Something that can also be useful without a computer at hand where you would think "Oh, this looks great, didn't know that was possible... gonna try it tomorrow!".

And yes, I'm looking for a real book. I know that there are thousands of tutorials online but I really like to have a physical book in front of me.

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