Here's me changing canvas size to 100X10 inches: enter image description here

Then I click OK, and then when I go to Image > Canvas to peep the current size it shows up as 220X30 inches:

enter image description here

I notice that my original size was 120X20 so it appears that it's adding the original size + the changes. But why?? I want something to be 100X10


You've got the 'relative' box checked - untick that, and your canvas will resize to 100 x 10 inches. However, you'll see a warning that some clipping will occur - if your artwork is outside the 100 x 10 area, you'll lose some of it.

What you may want to do instead is change the image size (Image > Image Size) to 100 x 10 - this will scale your artwork down rather than clipping the edges from the canvas.

Scaling the canvas up will give you more space around the edges, while scaling it down will trim the edges off the canvas.

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