I successfully created my first fitness sleeveless t-shirt mockup using Photoshop CC.

This is the result so far:

enter image description here

It's my first mockup ever and I'm pretty satisfied with this result.

There is an issue when I change the shirt colour to black; as you can see, there are too many lights and the resulting mockup seems fake:

enter image description here

These are my layers:

enter image description here

The issue with the black colour is that the lights layer is too opaque, so I need to decrease its opacity to 5% to make it work and not seem super-fake.

Is there a way to tell Photoshop to change lights' layer opacity when layer Black Opal is activated and revert it back when it's deactivated?

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    Doesn't look fake to me at all. It looks like a polyester stretch top, pretty similar to a few that I myself use for working out. Of course, if it's meant to look like cotton, then it doesn't work. But it doesn't look fake to me, just looks like a different material. (So does the white version, though.) Commented Sep 20, 2017 at 7:03

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To be honest, for clothing I would just use shadow layer. I would drop the lights layer completely. and it will work a charm with every colour. As it makes your singlet look too fake / silky.

The only tricky colour is black, so instead of using pure black and adding lights to it, I would just use very dark grey like #161616 or so.

It's less complicated, and gives better and more consistent outcome.

lights layer is very useful for items that reflect light much more. Like plastic, shiny clothing (like silk) etc.

very quick job would look like this (I would work on the shadows a bit more to make the outcome look more closely to the kind of material are you looking for. Quick Singlets mock-up


Duplicate the lights Layer. Put it above the Black Opal. Hold the alt key and click between these two layers(a new icon will appear). Done. The effect will only act to the Black Opal layer.

  • I can't do this. Both lights and shadowslayers have to stay above the art layer, while Black Opal, Crimson Red and White have to stay under the art layer, otherwise blending will not work. Is there any way to do it via script maybe?
    – BackSlash
    Commented Aug 20, 2017 at 19:04

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