Is it possible to change the font style of specific phrases within an .indd document? I have several phrases to update in a giantic wall of text and all I need to do is change the font to a cursive. Be mindful that some parts of text have different font sizes and other styles.

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An automated way is to use GREP Styles via the Paragraph Style options. This feature is automatic so every time the phrase appears it will instantly apply the formatting without any manual search needed. A Character Style will need to be defined and then this will apply as a rule within your Paragraph Style.

If you're using multiple styles, you need to do this for each one.

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Ok I found out how to do that:

  1. Press Cmd/Ctrl-F and type in the phrase you wish to change.
  2. Then select "more options" to show the format changing options and select w/e formatting you need for that specific phrase.

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