Ich am having trouble finding an elegant solution. Here are the assumptions: I have a path along which I want to have a text (Company Name + Spacing Element) I want that text to copy itself until the path ends. I don't want to copy the text by hand along that path, because if I format the Text differently I want it to fill with Text automatically without having to erase overflow text because i have less space, or recopy because suddenly i have more space. Also it would be neat that if there is ever a change of the repeating text element, that i just have to go into one place change it and have it apply automatically. I have tried it with text variables, but i seem to be stuck on how to achieve that effect. It will look somewhat like this: Sample Text: "- Super Cool Company - " and the aim is to have something like this along the path:

"- Super Cool Company - - Super Cool Company - - Super Cool Company - - Super Cool Company - - Super Cool Company - - Super Cool Company - - Super Cool Company - - Super Cool Company - "

The path will be along the edges of a shopping bag (Left to Bottom to Right) I want the text to flow along those edges. I hope my question is understandable ! :) Best wishes Roxi

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Goto Illustrator. You can make your text a pattern brush. Outline it and drag to the brushes collection. Use scissors to split the path, if needed.

enter image description here

After outlining you can add any graphic shape as the separating element. Here nothing is added.

  • +1 for a solution; +2 (if I could) for making a shopping bag look like an upside-down popsicle. :-D Sep 1, 2017 at 19:21
  • danke ! Das wäre mein Ausweg gewesen, dachte es geht vielleicht in Indesign. Sep 4, 2017 at 7:25

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