How do I change the default font in photoshop.

  • Are you referring to the Type Tool (Character palette) or are you wanting to change the Photoshop software menu fonts? – jhurley Sep 7 '17 at 18:19

Photoshop 'default' font is usually determined by the font you last used. So if you last used Myriad Pro and leave Photoshop, it will be the 'default' font when you open ps again.

That's how it works with CC anyhow.

Hope that helped!


Type -> Panels -> Character Styles Panel -> double click on None in the Character Style Options -> change Font Family to your desired font -> OK

I had the same problem whenever I pasted a symbol which the font didn't support, so it changed back to Myriad Pro. But that font doesn't even display symbols. Segoe UI Symbol does it though.

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