I have a project in CorelDRAW that requires a change to the font. The font used has the letter "i" written as | and I need to turn it into i. How it has been done in the past is someone put a white box (line) through the middle, thereby adding a dot; however, this only works if the background is also white.

I want a transparent background so I would like a more flexible solution.

Can I erase part of the letter? Can I add a transparent mask, so that the letter is covered, and the background shows through?

Any other ideas?



At least you can convert the text to curves and subtract the box from the I. The operation is named "Trim" in CDraw. You can retain the editability by having a hidden copy of the text as non-curved.

If you want to keep your textbox as text, but change I's appearance, you have the following options:

  • Change the font to another with wanted I (You can easily make one, if you have a font editor, only edit one glyph)
  • Replace I with a space and place another textbox or graphic shape with the wanted I over it

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