everybody! I'm wondering how that two pictures look amazing. Is there a video or tutorial that teach how to achieve that incredible mixing between fonts and images using photoshop and illustrator? I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm just starting with graphic design.

With Chromount Typeface With Rissa Typeface

  • Are you asking for help coming up with the design or for help on the technical aspects of how its constructed? – Ryan Sep 12 '17 at 22:18

The image and the text shapes must allow the interleaving. In my example I could write what I wanted and my image (=drawn in Illustrator) is made of quite flexible material. If the creation must have some artistic value and use already given text or image, the work is not at all this easy.

You can put a piece of text behind a shape by copying and pasting in place to a new layer a snippet of the shape. The snippet hides the text. Alternatively you can erase a piece of text, but that's not recommended because erasing is destructive - cannot be taken back if a new version is needed.

Here's an example. The texts are covered with 2 small pieces of the rope.

enter image description here

Some shadows can increase the plausibility. The rope slices here are duplicated, turned to black with the levels tool, blurred, made 50% transparent and shifted a little aside to form soft cast shadows on the texts.

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