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I have the following image...

Horse's head

...that I'm trying to get a vector outline for in a similar way to the Illustrator Offset command.

I'm looking to have a finished vector look similar to this...

Horse's head with vector offset shape

(Note: This is simply a stroke layer style that has been added to the original)

The two outlines must be vector shapes.

Is there anything in PhotoShop that will allow me to do this?

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It takes a few steps, but this can be automated with actions.
• Make a copy of the layer.
• Create a stroke effect in the Layer Style panel to provide the offset.
• Rasterize the layer to flatten the effect.
• CTRL+click the layer to select the active pixels.
• From the Paths panel's flyout menu, select "Make work path..."
• Set the tolerance as needed (lower for more detail) and click OK.

That will provide an offset vector shape. You can then delete the copied layer.

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