When I purchase commercial fonts or I obtain quality free fonts, I find many glpyhs listed in the PDF-documentation, typically at the end, listed as un-encoded glyphs aka un-mapped.

While any "normal" glyphs are listed with their code points, for example U+00C0, these unencoded ones carry some less structured references. I found for example:

  • plus.numr
  • equal.numr

If you have fonts without documentation and if you use Fontmatrix to look into, using the "Glypen" tab with the "Un-mapped Glyphs" block selected, you can find many amazing goodies. (Look at Comic Sans if you want an example.)

  • I+967

Now, how can I please access those glyphs for use in Scribus (and why not in other OpenSource tools like Inkscape)? If there is no direct way, I am happy to download some extra tool and do some copy and paste.

Sadly I am unable to get Adobe InDesign at the moment for several reasons, so answers like "just get expensive tools" might be helpful to other users, but not to me. Thank you.


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This is my best workaround after plenty of searching:

Open the font in FontForge, scroll aaaaaall the way down to the end of the glyphs list; the un-encoded glyphs come after all the Unicode positions.

Open a glyph you want to use. Then in the glyph-editing window use the file > export as > and use .eps as file format.

Now you need to get this item into your clipboard for copy and paste. I do it inside Scribus like this:

Scribus file > Import Vector and click somewhere next to your text frame. Now resize the glyph so that it corresponds to the text in a text-frame you want to use. Select the vector and copy.

Now double-click inside your text-frame and place your cursor where you need that glyph (say an ornament) and do paste. Scribus has now integrated this vector-information into this text as a so called "inline graphic". This does only work in a text-frame, not in the story editor.

Still hoping for a more direct approach without the need for a separate vector file. With this solution I just get a graphic sitting in my text and it does not respond to any text-editing, like resizing. At least I can select it and move it with the Advanced Settings in the Text Properties window.

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