How can I create a gradient but I want it to go from one color to another like below

enter image description here


Use a blend.....

Darkest color object <-----> Lightest color object

Select both and choose Object > Blend > Make

Then choose Object> Blend > Blend Options.
Choose Specified Steps from the drop down.
Set the steps to the number of divisions you'd like.

enter image description here


You can create a blend between two (or more) objects.

First create a solid filled rectangle for each end stop.

enter image description here

With both selected, go to Object → Blend → Make.

Then Object → Blend → Blend Options... and set spacing to "Specified Steps" and an appropriate number of steps.

enter image description here



There are two good answers here that propose using a blend, however if you want to match the colours of the jpeg you posted, you might want to expand the blend, and ungroup the rectangles, then you can select each rectangle and use the eydropper tool (I) to sample the exact colours from the raster image.

For example:

enter image description here

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