I trivially tried to stretch the image vertically, it worked a little but since I need to make the drawer x2.5 times high it becomes conical while the little knob becomes oval. I also need to remove the knob shadow but this would be a totally different topic.

enter image description here

edit: I created a new question for phase 2 of my work, if you can help with it, you can find it here: How to add a tag with right perspective on this drawer? thank you!


enter image description here

I found, how to make it deep enough inside. Simply cut the bottom off and insert it as a new layer. Then make two copies of the frame and pile them. Goto Edit > Transform > Distort to stretch the copies to good perspective. Drag the darkest part of the bottom to be used as the visible portion.

A fast clonig hides the seams:

enter image description here

I see that the outside still needs some tweaking, but I also see, that it's well presented in other answers.


1) Duplicate the drawer layer and move it up. Turn the opacity down for the moved up drawer layer.

2) Still with that top layer selected, go to edit -> Transform -> Warp or Distort. Distort the top layer so it continues the drawer lines.

distort drawer

3) Use an opacity mask on the top layer to hide the bottom of it.

stacked drawer output

4) Use the clone stamp tool and healing brush to change the pattern of the wood.

  • wow! many thanks for the steps 1~4 however doing so the drawer is on proportionally deeper than its initial version. – S. Redrum Sep 21 '17 at 22:51

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