This is a follow up to this question where they describe the procedure about how to "paint" a gradient that follows a path. So, my question is whether this could be used to fill a closed shape like the one in the figure bellow, where the left side of the hand has a linear gradient that does not reflect the curvature of the contours.

enter image description here


I can think of 3 different ways of doing thing.

1) Use a radial gradient that follows the contour of the hand.

radial gradient example

2) Use a gradient mesh

3) Use a very thick stroke and use a linear gradient. Use a clipping mask to hide the ends of the stroke. Then use a gradient on the hand to fill the left thumb with the shadow color.

stroke gradient example

  • I see... in number 3 I can also make the path 4 or 5 times thicker, so it occupies the entire hand, and repeat the shadow and light colors at about 40% and 60% of the gradient bar. – rraallvv Sep 22 '17 at 16:20

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